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The Hospitality industry is innately people-centric; it exists to serve people. Forming the right team to operate and manage your hotel asset is a most critical task to successfully achieve once your hospitality establishment is ready for operations. Mismatched experience, misaligned personalities and cultural unfamiliarity, both with the operating environment and with the target clientele, are unforgiving and can have lasting repercussions on a hotelier.

Through our established global network of hospitality professionals, HOC Hospitality Advisory assists in the sourcing of the right talent for key positions, including C-Suite and B-suite management roles. HOC Hospitality Advisory sources candidates who meet the qualifications, experience and personality traits required for your assets’ management, and through our extensive global hospitality network we facilitate efficient executive reference checks and due diligence. Our services include advisory and negotiation on remuneration packages, both for new hires and for existing staffing resources to ensure that your resources are most effectively utilised and in line with local market and international standards.

HOC Hospitality Advisory UAE provides Executive Recruitment solutions to ensure that your asset continues to steer along on the path of success.

Past the initial recruitment drive, HOC Hospitality Advisory Dubai, United Arab Emirates provides Leadership Assessment services, designed to ensure that your team’s performance continues to align with the operational goals and realities. For ongoing effective leadership management, we provide industry-experienced Executive Coaching services which are designed to guide your asset’s management team onto a path of empowerment, skills and leadership enrichment, aimed at promoting a healthy and efficient work culture. Contact us to connect with our global hospitality professional network and establish the right team for your hospitality venture.