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With the feasibility and strategic plan in place, the next crucial step for successful hospitality establishment realization is the pre-opening advisory planning and management process. To achieve the intended vision, a solid plan needs to be set up. HOC Hospitality Advisory’s expertise in optimizing Pre-Opening Advisory & Planning activities for multicategory hospitality establishments ensures lean expenditures complement efficient operations to realize your envisioned guest experience.

As part of our hospitality advisory and management services, HOC Hospitality Advisory guides you with the pre-opening planning and project management.

Pre-opening Advisory planning and budgeting, and budget-appropriate OS&E Procurement are fundamental aspects of Pre-Opening Activity Management. HOC Hospitality Advisory services on these aspects are supported by four decades of international and local expertise in the hospitality sector, and are developed with your unique operating environment and future clientele in mind.

Our bespoke advisory and planning services encompass Review and Analysis of Operational Budgets and Management of Operational and Development Schedules. These advisory and management services are designed to keep your asset on track with respect to timelines and efficient resource-management tracking.

We are dedicated to providing strategic advisory services for investors from the beginning strategy stage to complete management of your hotel or hospitality establishment. Our services include pre-opening budget and ongoing operational budget planning. We also assist with developing training plans for the various departments involved in your operations to ensure that your project operates without difficulties and operational obstacles.

HOC Hospitality Advisory’s holistic approach to Pre-Opening Advisory and Planning services covers Branding and Concept development, assistance with key personnel appointments and the facilitation of a smooth handover to appointed operator.