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Hospitality revenue management is fluid and requires in-depth knowledge of the client’s preferences, smart pricing structures, competitive offerings and revenue evaluations to devise profitable and sustainable revenue streams for the asset. To ensure your asset’s alignment with financial projections and goals, HOC Hospitality Advisory evaluates your existing revenue sources and, using our four decade-long financial expertise of the local and international hospitality markets, we develop strategies for maximizing revenue generating areas.

Increasing revenue generation to drive profitability is incomplete without attention to detail on the cost impact of operations. Therefore, a fundamental aspect of our Revenue Optimization and Cost Control Advisory service includes evaluating the costing bases of your operations. We delve into finer aspects of cost control by identifying cost control opportunities, optimizing roles and responsibilities and developing asset-appropriate inventory control policies. These studies are done with service levels in mind whilst ensuring that ensuing strategies do not compromise the quality nor the service delivery process of the envisioned guest experience.

Our team of experts will work with operations teams on the ground to understand work culture aspects that work for your organization and preserve these while developing a comprehensive revenue optimization strategy.
Our Revenue Optimization and Cost Control assessments lead to the formation of a tailored strategy for capitalizing on best use of core functional areas within your operations. Our Hospitality Experts follow through with periodic assessments of the implementation of revenue optimization and cost control studies at agreed upon intervals.

Our service for Hospitality revenue management includes:

  • Market segmentation
  • Positioning strategies
  • Competitor studies
  • Price structure implementation
  • Demand management
  • Marketing coordination
  • Direct sales stimulation

We handle all revenue management strategy and execution on a daily, weekly and monthly basis on behalf of your hospitality establishment.

HOC Hospitality Advisory combines its practical in-depth knowledge of hospitality operations with financial expertise to develop tailored revenue management strategies for multiclass hospitality assets, including hotels, resorts, F&B outlets and entertainment establishments. Connect with us to ensure that your hospitality assets derive maximum benefit from lean, revenue-optimized operations throughout the organization processes.